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We’re happy to share our resources

We’ve conducted a lot of research to create this website. Here are some links to our resources.
Amy Bainbridge, ‘Telco Union Officials Lured into “catastrophic” Identity Fraud Scam’, ABC NEWS (Read Full Article On ABC News)
Australian Communications Media Authority, (2018) Number Portability. (Read it fully on Australian Federal Register of Legislation)

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, (2018) Targeting Scams: Report of the ACCC on Scams Activity 2017 (Read Full Report On ACCC)

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, (2017) Fraudulent Mobile Number Porting and Identity Theft (Read Full Article On ACCAN)

Daegon C., Ferreira, P. and Telang, R., (2016) The Impact of Mobile Number Portability on Price and Consumer Welfare (Read Full Article On Semantic Scholar)

Cochran, A. (2003) E-Business in Australia’s Mobile Phone Market: A Contemporary Review (Read Full Article On Alex Cochran's Blog)

Communications Alliance (2018) Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code (Read Full Article On Communications Alliance)

Goode, S. (2017a) Identity Theft and Australian Telecommunications: A Structured Literature Review (Read the Full Article On ACCAN)

Goode, S. (2017b) Identity Theft and Australian Telecommunications: Case Analysis – Victims, Attacks and Intervention Development (Download Full Article)

Copes, H. and Vieraitis, L. (2011) ‘Identity Theft’ in The Oxford Handbook of Crime and Public Policy, Oxford University Press (Find The Book On Oxford Handbooks)

Copes, H. et al (2015) ‘Accounting for Identity Theft: The Roles of Lifestyle and Enactment’ 29(3), Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 351-368 (Find The Article On SAGE Journals)

IDCare, (2018) Fact Sheet: Unauthorised Mobile Phone Porting / Sim Swap (Read Fact Sheet On IDCare)

Ji, S., Smith-Chao, S. and Min, Q. (2008) ‘Systems Plans for Combating Identity Theft – A Theoretical Framework’, Journal of Service Sciences & Management 143-152 (Find Article On Researchgate

Lacey, D. (2017) ‘Identity Theft and Australian Telecommunications: Understanding the Risks for Consumers: Intervention, Evaluation and Outcomes’ Report Prepared for ACCAN (Find Full Graphics on ACCAN)

Mulliner, C. et al, (2014) ‘SMS-Based One-Time Passwords: Attacks and Defense’, Technical Report 2014-02, Elektrotechnick und Informatik Fakultät, Technische Universität Berlin (Download Full Article On Mulliner)

National Institute for Standards and Technology (2017) Questions… and Buzz Surrounding Draft NIST Special Publication 800-63-3 (Read Article On Cybersecurity Insights

New Payments Platform Australia Limited, (2018) New Payments Platform (Find Full Article On NPPA)
Team, Digital Shadows Photon Research (2019), Two-Factor in Review A Technical Assessment of the Most Popular Mitigation for Account Takeover Attacks. (Read Full Article on Digital Shadows)

Vieraitis, L. et al (2015) ‘A Little Information Goes a Long Way: Expertise and Identity Theft’, Aggression and Violent Behavior 10-18 (Find ARticle On ScienceDirect)

Wall, D. (2015) ‘Dis-organised Crime: Towards a Distributed Model of the Organization of Cybercrime’, The European Review of Organised Crime 2(2), 71-90 (Find Article On SSRN)

Wang, W., Yuan, Y. and Archer, N. (2006) ‘A Contextual Framework for Combating Identity Theft’, IEEE Security & Privacy 30-38 (Find Article On Research Gate)
This Chinese Whale Lost $45 Million in Bitcoin and BCH Overnight: How it Happened(2020) (Read Full Article On Newsbtc)
Power, J. Mills, H. (2020) 'That's my job': Scammers costing Australians millions a year (Read Full Article On SMH)
Cimpanu, C.(2020) Microsoft urges users to stop using call & SMS-based multi-factor authentication (Read Full Article On ZDNet)
Bhattacharjee, Y. (2021) Who’s Making All Those Scam Calls? (Read Full Article On The New York Times)
Cimpanu, C.(2021) Authorities arrest SIM swapping gang that targeted (Read Full Article On ZDNet)
Europol (2021) Ten hackers arrested for string of SIMSwapping attacks against celebrities (Read Full Report On Europol)
Cox, J. (2021) A Hacker Got All My Texts for $16 (Find Article On Vice)
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